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Step 1
Fill out the form below with your information.

Synchro Swin Solo/Duo

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Step 2

Purchase order done! Now simply upload it to our chat that you will find on the bottom  right of our website at all times.  


Step 3

You found our chat! Follow your discussion and order development with our designers and team whether it is for customer service, design, delivery, payment etc.  In this chat you can add details about what you are looking for design wise and your music choice.  ALWAYS refer to this chat for ANY requests or comments you have regarding your order.  Every  team member refers to this chat section.  Phone and email are much less efficient and very hard to follow,


Step 4

Now it is getting Xciting, Time for your ideas and to connect with our designers to make it happen!

You have 2 ways to meet with us depending on your needs and location. Make an appointment either by Virtual or LIVE in our flagship store situated in Montreal.  It is Maison du Patin Laframboise (House of Skates Laframboise).


Step 5

Congratulations !  You have now received your prized possession you have worked on and waited for!

Now it is time for you to Xcite your audience with your new custom outfits!

Thank you for all of our Team Elitexpression!