About Us

EliteXpression, the world famous brand in skating and now Synchronized swimming!

Our flagship store, Maison du Patin Laframboise, started with the brand in 2005. At the time, the focus was on custom costumes for ladies and synchronized teams.  Over  the years, as our popularity grew, we started making a dress collection.  A much more affordable way for skaters of many levels to get into beautiful dresses that were ready to wear and at an accessible price point.

Steve Laframboise's vision was very clear from the start, but it was a vision that would take many years to develop and mostly it would need new platforms and a diversified team to make it happen.

Fast forward into 2022, we now have 3 designers, one fashion designer, graphic designer and a branding designer.  The reason for this is we have many segments and they all need talented people who have a specialty in their vertical.

Today you will find :

Our dress Collection

Training wear


One of a kind ready to wear competition dresses

Custom costumes for Skating and synchronized swimming 

Our unique in house sublimation process, and a new technology for design.