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"Everything is possible!"

This is Josiane Lamond's personal motto and for good reason! She began her career as a designer in her parent's basement. A skater from age 10 to 23, she first made her own training outfits - dresses, tights, skate covers - to be fashionably current. Then she sold her first dress to a friend at just 14 years old. The Josiane Lamond style was born. Customers would crowd into her parents' basement. Later, they would descend on her condo she pursued an education education in fashion and a career on the national synchronized skating team. After completing her studies, Josiane worked for a few years in the fashion industry before starting to offer her custom-made outfits for a local clientele.

In 2005, Josiane took a giant step. She joined forces with Steve Laframboise, CEO of the Maison du patin, to continue her career as principal designer and art director for the EliteXpression brand. Now she could spread her wings and, with the help of a reputable, talented and hardworking team of innovators, gave the entire line of clothing brand a new momentum.

Today, her name dominates the figure skating world. And the best is yet to come.

From local rinks to Olympic athletes and world champions, Josiane Lamond's Signature style dazzles all across the planet. The apprentice-seamstress in her parent's basement has turned her passion for design into international fame. So yes, everything is possible!



"Xpress your passion"

If first-time customers choose EliteXpression for the trendy styles, there are many other reasons they fall in love with the brand and come back year after year.

A key reason is chief designer Josiane Lamond. Working with CEO Steve Laframboise, whose reputation is second to none, Josiane is supported by a solid team of talented designers with magical fingers who dedicate the colossal number of hours needed to make true works of art. Just as importantly, EliteXpression employs experienced skaters who know how to advise when choosing training and competition outfits.

Steve and Josiane have the same instinct and vision for what skaters should wear on the ice. It’s not just making a costume that will simply match the music, but to stand out with a garment that will highlight the skater’s figure and performance, harmonize with the athlete’s personality and movement, and enhance the program with a dazzling touch of je ne sais quoi. Not to mention the complete line of accessories, currently under development.

The marriage of technique and vision for a garment perfectly adapted to its discipline is how EliteXpression hasearned its reputation as an influencer.

It’s with Steve’s vision of building a brand that EliteXpression blossomed into all the different segments offered today: custom Signature skating outfits all set with authentic Swarovski® crystals, synchronized skating team apparel, synchronized swimming costumes and training wear. Athletes from other disciplines, such as cheerleading and dance teams, can also find the perfect outfit to express their passion.

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